The Smart Lawyers Tech Guide: A 7-Day Crash Course on How to Streamline, Automate, and Transform Your Practice.

- Create simple systems & frictionless workflows- Lower your overhead, save time, boost revenue- Leverage the full power of digital automation- Use online marketing to attract top-notch clients


My name is Ernie Svenson, a veteran commercial litigator, author of two ABA-books, nationally recognized speaker, and award-winning tech consultant. This course contains my best, most actionable advice.

"Ernie is the real deal!"—Tom Walker

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Here's what you'll learn:

Day 1: Modern Systems — SIMPLIFY workflows and MAKE YOUR PRACTICE RUN SMOOTHLYDay 2: Strategic Investment —to LOWER YOUR OVERHEAD and BOOST PROFITABILITYDay 3: Powerful Automation —CREATE FRICTIONLESS EFFICIENCY (and free yourself from drudgery)Day 4: Affordable Outsourcing —Hard-working overseas VAs relish the chance to HELP YOU SUCCEEDDay 5: Maximum Security —keep all your sensitive data protected and REPEL CYBERATTACKERSDay 6: Online Marketing —use the web and automation to GET MUCH BETTER CLIENTSDay 7: Staying Current—learn about new tools that enable you to OUTMATCH YOUR COMPETITION

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